No. 261. PADUMA-JĀTAKA. “Cut, and cut, and cut again,” etc. This story the Master told at Jetavana, about some Brethren who made offering of garlands under Ānanda’s tree. The circumstances will be given in the Kāliṅga-bodhi Birth 1. This was called p. 223 [paragraph continues] Ānanda’s tree, because Ānanda planted it. All India heard tell … Read moreNo. 261. PADUMA-JĀTAKA.


No. 259. TIRĪṬA-VACCHA-JĀTAKA. “When all alone,” etc. This story the Master told whilst living at Jetavana, about the gift of a thousand garments, how the reverend Ānanda received five hundred garments from the women of the household of the king of Kosala, and five hundred from the king himself. The circumstances have been described above, … Read moreNo. 259. TIRĪṬA-VACCHA-JĀTAKA.


No. 257. GĀMAṆI-CAṆḌA-JĀTAKA 1. [297] “It is not a clever builder,” etc.–This story the Master told while sojourning at Jetavana, about the praise of wisdom. In the Hall of Truth sat the Brethren, praising the wisdom of the Buddha: “The Blessed One has wisdom great and wide, wisdom witty and quick, wisdom sharp and penetrating. … Read moreNo. 257. GĀMAṆI-CAṆḌA-JĀTAKA


No. 256. JARUDAPĀNA-JĀTAKA. “Some merchants,” etc.–This story the Master told while living at Jetavana, about some traders whose home was at Sāvatthi. The tradition is that these men had acquired wares in Sāvatthi, which they loaded on carts. ‘When the time came for them to set about their business, they gave an invitation to the … Read moreNo. 256. JARUDAPĀNA-JĀTAKA.


No. 254. KUṆḌAKA-KUCCHI-SINDHAVA-JĀTAKA. “Grass and the scum of gruel,” etc.–This story the Master told at Jetavana about the Elder Sāriputta. It once fell out that the Buddha had been spending the rainy season in Sāvatthi, and afterwards had been on alms-pilgrimage. On his return, the inhabitants determined to welcome his home-coming and they made their … Read moreNo. 254. KUṆḌAKA-KUCCHI-SINDHAVA-JĀTAKA.