No. 520. GAṆḌATINDU-JĀTAKA. “Zeal is the way,” etc. This story the Master, dwelling at Jetavana, told concerning the admonition of a king. This admonition of a king has already been related in full 1. Once upon a time in the kingdom of Kampilla, in a city of the Northern Pañcālas, a king called Pañcāla, being … Read moreNo. 520. GAṆḌATINDU-JĀTAKA.


No. 519. SAMBULA-JĀTAKA. “Tied to the spot,” etc. This story the Master, while dwelling at Jetavana, told of queen Mallikā. The introductory story is related at length in the Kummāsapiṇḍa 1 Birth. Now by the efficacy of a gift of three portions of sour gruel to the Tathāgata, she that very day rose to the … Read moreNo. 519. SAMBULA-JĀTAKA.


No. 518. PAṆḌARA-JĀTAKA. “No man that lets,” etc.—This was a story told by the Master, whilst sojourning at Jetavana, as to how Devadatta told a lie, and how the earth opened and swallowed him up. At that time, when Devadatta was being blamed by the Brethren, the Master said, “Not now only, Brethren, but of … Read moreNo. 518. PAṆḌARA-JĀTAKA.


No. 516. MAHĀKAPI-JĀTAKA. “A king of Kāsi,” etc.—This story was told by the Master, when dwelling in the Bamboo Grove, about Devadatta’s hurling a stone at him. [68] So when the Brethren blamed Devadatta for having suborned archers to shoot the Buddha and afterwards hurled a stone at him, the Master said, “Not now only, … Read moreNo. 516. MAHĀKAPI-JĀTAKA.


No. 515. SAMBHAVA-JĀTAKA. “This rule,” etc.—This story the Master when residing at Jetavana told concerning the Perfection of Wisdom. The circumstances leading to the introductory story will be set forth in the Mahāummagga Birth 1. Once upon a time a king called Dhanañjaya Korabya reigned in the city of Indapatta in the Kuru kingdom. A … Read moreNo. 515. SAMBHAVA-JĀTAKA.


No. 514. CHADDANTA-JATAKA. [1] “Large-eyed and peerless one,” etc.—This was a story the Master, while sojourning at Jetavana, told of a female novice. A girl of good family at Sāvatthi, they say, recognizing the misery of the lay life, embraced asceticism, and one day went with other Sisters to hear the Law from the Bodhisatta, … Read moreNo. 514. CHADDANTA-JATAKA.


No. 513. JAYADDISA-JĀTAKA. [21] “Lo! after,” etc.—This story the Master told of a Brother who supported his mother. The introductory story is like that told in the 2Sāma Birth. But on this occasion the Master said, “Sages of old gave up the white umbrella with its golden wreath to support their parents,” and with these … Read moreNo. 513. JAYADDISA-JĀTAKA.


No. 512. KUMBHA-JĀTAKA. “Who art thou,” etc.—This story the Master, while dwelling at Jetavana, told concerning five hundred women, friends of Visākhā, who were drinkers of strong drink. Now the story goes that a drinking festival was proclaimed at Sāvatthi, and these five hundred women, after providing fiery drink for their masters, at the end … Read moreNo. 512. KUMBHA-JĀTAKA.


BOOK XVI. TIṀSANIPĀTA. No. 511. KIṀCHANDA-JĀTAKA. [1] “Why dost thou,” etc.—This story the Master told, while dwelling at Jetavana, about the observance of fast-days 1. Now one day when a number of lay Brothers and Sisters, who were keeping a fast-day, came to hear the Law, and were seated in the Hall of Truth, the … Read moreNo. 511. KIṀCHANDA-JĀTAKA.