1.12 King Bimbisara’s Offer

12. King Bimbisara’s Offer From the Anoma River, dressed as a beggar, the young prince wandered from place to place. Eventually he came to Rajagaha City, where King Bimbisara lived. With his begging bowl in his hands Siddhartha walked round the streets begging for food from door to door like any other religious monk. People … Read more1.12 King Bimbisara’s Offer

2.32 The First Buddhist Council

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 32. The First Buddhist Council After the Buddha passed away a meeting was held to preserve his teachings. Understandably, the Buddha’s death was a great loss to most of his followers, except the deeply realised disciples, and many were plunged into deep grief. Yet there was a monk … Read more2.32 The First Buddhist Council

2.31 The Buddha’s Last Words

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 31. The Buddha’s Last Words After the conversion of Subhadda, the Buddha spoke again to Venerable Ananda. “It may be, Ananda, that some of you will say, ‘without the Buddha, the Sublime Teacher, there is no teacher for us’. No, Ananda, you should not think in this way. … Read more2.31 The Buddha’s Last Words

2.29 The Buddha’s Last Meal

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 29. The Buddha’s Last Meal When the Buddha and his disciples arrived at Pava, the son of the village goldsmith, whose name was Cunda, invited the party to a meal called sukaramaddava, or “boar’s delight”. Some scholars believe it was a special delicious dish of mushrooms, while others … Read more2.29 The Buddha’s Last Meal

2.28 The Last Days of the Buddha

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 28. The Last Days of the Buddha After his 55th year, many incidents in the life of the Buddha were recorded without an exact indication of the year in which they happened. However, the incidents occurring in his eightieth year were dated and recorded in the Maha Parinibbana … Read more2.28 The Last Days of the Buddha

2.27 The Buddha’s Last Illness

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 27. The Buddha’s Last Illness The Buddha had not been staying very long at Beluva during the rainy season when he became sick. The severe sickness attacked him with violent and deadly pains. But, mindful and self-possessed, he bore them without complaint. And this thought came into his … Read more2.27 The Buddha’s Last Illness

2.26 The Buddha’s Attitude to Miracles

THE LIFE OF SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA (Part two) 26. The Buddha’s Attitude to Miracles When the Buddha was once living at Nalanda in the Pavarika Grove, a man by the name of Kevaddha went up to him, paid homage, and said, “Lord, Nalanda is a successful city. The people living in Nalanda are prosperous, and they … Read more2.26 The Buddha’s Attitude to Miracles