Other names (appellations) of a Buddha

November 14, 2019 0

One who is completely original in nature. He appeared in this world, yet he was not really here since he was completely free from all bondage and attachments.

Six Years of Ascetic praticing of the Buddha

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He realized that it was a mistake to punish his body like that. Finally he realized that the major issue of enlightenment and emancipation could never be achieved through ascetic practicing alone. To find the Truth, he must follow a middle path between too much pleasure and too much pain.

Four sights which changed the Buddha’s life

November 14, 2019 0

Prince Siddhartha ventured beyond the palace walls four times, accompanied by his charioteer Chandaka, and the four sights that he encountered led to his renunciation of the world, one of the great turning points in his life.


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