(Part One)

32. The Buddha and the Sick Monk
One day the Buddha visited a monastery. While he was there he came across a chamber where a monk lay in great pain caused by a loathsome disease. Although there were many other monks at the monastery, not one of them was concerned about their sick brother. The Buddha, beholding this woeful situation, began to look after the suffering man. He called Ananda and together they bathed the monk, changed his dirty bed and eased his pain.
Then the Buddha admonished the monks of the monastery for their neglect and encouraged them to nurse the sick and care for the suffering. He concluded by saying, “Whosoever serves the sick and suffering, serves me.”
EXERCISE 32. The Buddha and the Sick Monk
1. Who helped the sick monk?
2. Why did the Buddha reprimand the other monks?
3. What did he say when he concluded his talk?

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