About Shakyamuni Buddha

Sakyamuni Buddha—The historical Buddha, who was born into the Sakya clan—The Sage of the Sakyas—A title applied to the Buddha—Historical founder of Buddhism, Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha Sakyamuni, who was born in 581-501 BC as the first son of King Suddhdana, whose small kingdom with the capital city of Kapilavastu was located in what is now Nepal. At the age of twenty nine, he left his father’s palace and his wife and child in search of the meaning of existence and way to liberate. One morning at the age of thirty five, he realized enlightenment while practicing meditation, seated beneath the Bodhi tree. Thereafter, he spent the rest 45 years to move slowly across India until his death at the age of 80, expounding his teachings to help others to realize the same enlightenment that he had.

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