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1. Dìgha Nikàya -The Long Discourses of the Buddha – Trường Bộ Kinh

2. Majjhima Nikaya – The Middle-length Discourses of the Buddha – Trung Bộ Kinh

3. Anguttara Nikàya – The Further-factored Discourses of the Buddha – Tăng Chi Bộ Kinh

4. Samyutta Nikàya – The Grouped Discourses of the Buddha – Tương Ưng Bộ Kinh

5. Khuddaka Nikàya – The Collection of Little Texts – Tiểu Bộ Kinh


1. The Dīrgha Āgama – 長阿含經 – Long Discourses – Trường A Hàm Kinh

2. Madhyama Āgama – 中阿含經 – Middle-length Discourses – Trung A Hàm Kinh

3. Saṃyukta Āgama – 雜阿含經 – Connected Discourses – Tạp A Hàm Kinh

4. Ekottara Āgama – 增壹阿含經 – Numbered Discourses – Tăng Nhất A Hàm Kinh

5. Kṣudraka Āgama or Kṣudraka Piṭaka – Minor Collection – Tiểu Bộ A Hàm


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As the living have 84,000 delusions, so the Buddha provides 84,000 methods of dealing with them. Please choose a minimum of them for practicing. Always make of yourself and that no one else can help you to rid yourself of impurity. Even the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are of little help because they only serve as masters to guide you.

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